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Monday, December 15, 2008

How To Initiate Sex

When was the last time you surprised your man by seducing him? I bet it was that long a go that you can`t even remember. It is time to let your man know how much you still fancy him and how much you still want him. Take the lead for a change. This will not only drive him wild but will let you show him exactly what you want and get exactly what you want. Don`t worry if you are out of practice or have never initiated sex before because you can`t go wrong with these tips.

For the less confident

Show a bit leg

You can initiate sex without having to say a word. Put on your best G-string, suspenders and stockings and you want have to do a thing. He will be jumping on you before you can whisper his name.

Cook him his favourite meal, light some candles, turn out the light and play your favourite songs. He won`t need to ask what`s for dessert.
Massage him

Take the oils to bed and wait until he is relaxed and tell him you will give him a massage if he returns the favour. Rub the oil into the palm of your hands to warm it up the gently massage his back and shoulders working your way down his back to his buttocks and firmly squeeze them working your fingers through his legs and down his thighs but don`t touch his penis. Then whisper in his ear that you want him to do the same to you. Don`t bank on your massage getting finished.
Playing games

Playing games is a good way to initiate sex whether you are confident or not.
For the more confident

Phone sex

Phone him up at work and tell him what you want him to do to you and what you want you want to do to you. If you are at home you could get yourself aroused masturbating while you tell him what you are doing to yourself. The chances are he won`t be able to respond to you so will be wetting his trousers with excitement. This is the ultimate turn on for any man and will get him through even the hardest work day. He will be racing home to give you a helping hand.
A few words

Write him a short note telling him what you are going to do to him when he gets home, tell him what you will be wearing, what you want him to do to you, in explicit detail. Put the note in his brief case, lunch box he won`t be able to resist going to the toilet to read it in private.
Dressing up

Buy some sexy new lingerie, a maids outfit, dress as a school girl take the lead and ad some spice this will not only make you feel more confident and sexy but it will make your partner look at you through different eyes.
Play time

Time to invest in some sexy toys. Buy a vibrator and leave it on your bed in a gift wrapped box with a bow round it and tell him to go to bed and you will follow him up. Hopefully by the time you get in he will be wearing nothing but a big smile waving the vibrator. Buy some hand cuffs and you go to bed first. Cuff yourself to the bed and lie naked waiting for him to come in this will turn him on to the point where it will be hard for home to contain himself. To soften the room and hide the parts of your body you don`t want him to see light some tea candles.
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