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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top 10 Relationship Complaints

By: Ms.Divine
1. We don't have enough time

I can't say it enough communicate...communicate..COMMUNICATE! Regardless, if your both at work or not, pick up the phone and express that your thinking about them. Text messages are at a all time High! So is picture mail! Slip off and send a special message, Give him/her something to look forward to when they get home.

2. He/She never listens to me

Listening is most important. If you can not have a simple conversation without talking over each other or screaming things will never get better. Walking off from a conversation doesn't make things better either. Take it slow, submission is sometimes the key. For example: Depending on how extreme the argument or discussion is sit your partner down, get some some warm oil and massage their feet..rub their shoulders..then BAM! Speak with a soft concerning tone and express your views of the topics at hand. Let me know how it works out for you.

3. He doesn't tell me I'm sexy

#1 Unless you make it known that this is a problem he can't read your mind.
#2 Lead By Example: Tell him how sexy he looks in those favorite boxers"
#3 Let the games begin! Spontaneous fashion shows in your favorite lingerie usually does it
#4 Everyone is different, you know each others likes and dislikes learn by trial & error
#5 Don't give up!

4. Am I fat?

Usually ladies you are the only one that is feeling this way. If the love is deep it doesn't matter your size,scars or other pet peeves you may have about yourself. By complaining about your weight and lack thereof is stressing him out more than you because he has no clue what to do. you have two options. STOP IT!!!! Or find a work out buddy and RESOLVE IT!!

5. Who does he love more..Me or his best friend?

This is a huge problem in most relationships. Usually the fact is that this is his only "outlet" His/Her chance to hold on to a childhood. Being a adult is stressful! lol Nothing feels better than going out with your friends and "cuttin a rug" or acting just out right goofy..but responsible. An alternative would be double dates but sometimes this could back fire because some people are more reserved than others. Going out "every weekend" will not necessarily be apart of your plans.

6. He plays golf, play station or pool too much!

I myself wish the play station was never created. It is worst than a bunch of guys watching Sunday Football. Nothing is worse than hosting or just knowing that a house full of grown men wasting hours on in playing a video game. Same goes for bowling or any other sport. My father is a pro-bowler. Coming up I basically lived in the bowling alley and I swore never to step foot in another bowling alley for the rest of my life. My advice to you is to find a sport or hobby that interest you that replaces that time.

7. Am I his maid or his woman?

In the "honeymoon" stage everything from his morning breath, the way he snores or his favorite t-shirt thrown on the couch seems cute..{to some women}. This has to be nipped in the bud [from the beginning]. He/She only do what you allow them to do. If you start out cleaning up after them, cooking at the drop of a dime "knowing" your anal about these sort of things..who's fault is it? YOURS! Make a commitment of what duties belong to who that way there is no misunderstanding.

8. How come I have to be the one to initiate sex? All he wants to do is have sex?

As the older you get your sex drive tends ride this mental roller coaster because that is what it is. Bringing your problems home from work, balling things up inside and lack of rest all play apart. There has to be a time to "make time" for the both of you before this once "romantic affair" becomes a chore.lol Those of you that have done it just to get something you wanted know what I'm saying. [All he wants to do is have sex] Well you sexy little thang! More than likely the both of you were inseparable and started this trend long ago and technically is hard to break. My advice would be to interact in other activities and make it a weekly thing. For example: Game night or your favorite show. My favorite is "Deal or No Deal"

9. We don't go out anymore

Again, making time for the things you make a necessity in the relationship to "get" him or her is what you have to KEEP doing. If you started the fine dining on a McDonald's salary you must make a shift quickly to something just as romantic. Use your imagination, search for idea's and other romantic locations such as walks on the beach every Thursday's, french toast Friday's, Want you Wednesday's. Play dates are the key.

10. Do I look as good as I did when we first got together?

This depends on you. Mentally and physically. If someone told us when we were fifteen that our cute little assets will drop to our knees as early as thirty if we continued to eat candy bars we still probably wouldn't have listened anyway. So here you are in your mid thirty's. That lovely gray string just keeps coming back!!! My assets aren't as perky as they use to be! Well get over it and continue to were those "vogue bra's" and those extra tight undies that take your breath away when you bend over to hold everything in place. That's the life as a woman. On another note I can't stand to hear men feelings as though these rules don't apply to them. I'm sure that round playground you have mista man wouldn't have been as becoming ten years ago...
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