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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Letter to My Hair Stylist By:Violet Brown

Haven't we all experienced a time when our hairstylist thought she was "Edward Scissor Hands" My stylist was my mother for years until one day....I was nineteen years old, my hair was like "Rudy" off the "Cosby Show". My mother says to me "Girl! you need your ends trimmed!" Keep in mind my hair was to my hips and thick as wool. I noticed a grinding noise like she was cutting threw wool! I jumped up and felt the back of my head. I was in tears! Now, I look like "Toni Braxton!" Which really wasn't that bad but, needless to say it's now years later and my hair hasn't been that lucius since!
So I found this "Open Letter to My HairStylist". Enjoy

By: Violet Brown
I have been trying very hard these last two weeks to accept what you have done to my head. But I can’t. I just can’t! Every morning, I find it hard not to cry while attempting to style the so-called haircut you gave me. I just don’t think you understood me when I said, “Cut it like it is now, only an inch or two shorter.” I’m afraid you misheard me, or perhaps you just weren’t paying attention. I am really very sure that I did not say, “Just chop it all off randomly, especially on top and around the ears.” Nor did I say, “I want to look as if I had my hair cut by a John Deere riding mower.”

I hate to complain, but I feel so violated. Humiliated, even. Gone are my smooth, shiny “Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction” locks. My sleek vintage look has been utterly destroyed in the name of trendiness. I can’t express how “not me” this look is. Whose haircut is this, anyway? I am too old for this and I look ridiculous. All I need is a My Chemical Romance t-shirt and I could disappear into any high school in the United States. No one could possibly take me seriously looking like this! I’m sure you weren’t thinking in terms of my professional life when you made certain executive decisions concerning my hair. [CONTINUED]
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